Price list

Price list

Conservative dentistryPrices
Dental consultation/ dental examination 150 zł

Composite filling – 1 surface 300 zł

Composite filling – 2 surfaces 350 zł

Composite filling – 3 surfaces 400 zł

Extensive composite restoration From 450 zł

Reconstruction of tooth crown with fiberglass inlay 900 zł

Bonding – improving the shape and color of the tooth From £800

Inlay, Onlay, Composite / Porcelain Overlay from 1200 – 1500 zł

Therapeutic dressing 200 zł

Anesthesia 50 zł

Inhalation sedation (30min)250 zł

Pediatric dentistry – Pedodontics
Adaptation visit150 zł

Visit ineffective150 zł
Fluoridation / varnishing of all teeth150 zł
Sealing – 1 tooth200 zł
Extended sealing250 zł
Filling a deciduous tooth200 – 250 zł
Filling a permanent toothfrom 300 zł
Dressing in a milk tooth200 zł
Amputation in a deciduous tooth250 zł
Root canal treatment of a deciduous tooth500 zloty
Removal of a deciduous tooth250 zł
Anesthesia50 zł
Inhalation sedation (30 min)250 zł

Canal preparation and temporary dressing200-250 zł
Canal filling in incisor teeth and canines450-650 zł
Canal filling in premolar teeth (4,5)650-850 zł
Canal filling in molars (6-8)PLN 1000-1300
Re-endo (root canal re-treatment)additional 50%
Removal of the tool from the canal (under the microscope)350 zł
Fiberglass insert 500 zloty

Fluoridation150 zł
Scaling, sandblasting, polishing350 zł
Scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation400 zł
Overlay teeth whitening1000 zloty
Teeth whitening by lamp1300 zł

Dental prosthetics
Prosthodontic consultation (with treatment plan and pricing)200 zł
Visualization on WAX-UP models (for 1 tooth)200 zł
Fiberglass adhesive bridge (1 point)2000-2500 zł
All-ceramic veneer 2500 zloty
Porcelain crown on metal1500 zł
All-ceramic crown on zirconium oxide2200 zloty
Immediate prosthesis2200 zloty
Acrylic denturefrom £1500
Skeletal / skeletal frameless denture2800 zł
+ precision element (1 pc)800 zloty
Telescopic prosthesisprice agreed individually
Implant-supported denturesprice agreed individually

Dental surgery
Removal of a single-rooted tooth300 zł
Removal of a multi-rooted tooth450 zł
Complex extraction550 zł
Removal of a retained toothstarting at PLN 700
Exposure of a retained toothstarting at PLN 700
Microsurgical resectionfrom 1200 zł
– application of biomaterialby consumption
Closing the connection to the maxillary sinusstarting at PLN 1000
Sinus Lift3000 PLN + biomaterial

Orthodontic consultation 200 zł
Orthodontic diagnostics (x-ray pant, cephalo, models, photo)350 zł
Diagnostic models100 zł
Determination of individual treatment plan with cost estimate250 zł
Teeth scanning200 zł
Follow-up visit for removable braces treatment100 zł
Follow-up visit for fixed braces treatment200 – 250 zł
Bow replacement200 zł
Follow-up visit during the observation/retention period100 zł

Removable braces
Single-jaw removable braces700 zł
Two-mouth removable braces1500 zł
Mobile braces repairindividual pricing

Fixed braces
Fixed classic metal braces2200 zloty
Fixed aesthetic classic braces3000 zloty
Damon Q fixed self ligaturing braces3500 zloty
DamonClear fixed self ligaturing braces4500 zloty
Adhesive of a new metal / aesthetic lockPLN 100 / 200
Palatal arch500 zloty

Hyrax/Haas1400 zloty
Face mask, HeadGear500 zloty
Orthodontic mini-implant700 zł
Appliances based on palatal mini-implantsFrom £3500
Insignia system – total cost of treatment12000 zloty
Overlay treatmentindividual pricing

Retention braces
Retention splint350 zł
Retention plate400 zł
Retainer fixed400 zł
Removal of fixed braces with teeth cleaning350 zł

X-ray diagnostics
Spot X-ray (radiovisiography)50 zł
Panoramic / cephalometric photograph100 zł
3D CBCT tomography
– section of the jaw or mandible150 zł
– jaws or mandibles200 zł
– jaws280 zł
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