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An individual dental consultation of the condition of the teeth primarily includes an assessment of the condition of the
crowns of teeth visible on direct examination. The subjects of the dental consultation are
also the necks and roots of the teeth, which are hidden under the gums. Special attention is also given to
oral mucosa. During a dental consultation in GlivDental , the doctors use
Also, depending on the need, a pantomographic X-ray or a dental CT scan.
In justified cases, it is also recommended to evaluate the tooth chamber to assess indications for
root canal treatment. This evaluation is categorized as an endodontic or non-invasive consultation
radiological diagnostics.

What is the scope of dental consultation at GlivDental dental office in Gliwice?

  1. First of all, a dental examination.
  2. Radiological diagnostics (dental X-ray, pantomographic image, dental tomography – X-ray
  3. Treatment plan including medical indications and recommendations.

What else should we know about a professional dental consultation?

Many dental offices offer free dental consultations. Such
Dental consultations are usually performed only on the basis of evaluating the crowns of the teeth. W
Many cases are offered free dental checkups due to lack of adequate
equipment to conduct a deeper analysis.
A professional dental consultation must also include dental x-rays!

GLIVDENTAL PRO TIP – When you hear from your dentist that you need to observe a tooth because he or she is not sure
Whether it’s caries, look for another dentist who will be able to determine precisely.

In practice, apparently healthy dentition often reveals dangerous lesions in the apical region
the tooth root! In case of a wrong diagnosis, we expose ourselves to rising medical costs but also to
previous tooth loss. At GlivDental in Gliwice, a dental consultation is the most important
point of the whole treatment.
With state-of-the-art equipment that GlivDental uses during consultations
Dental, only a trace dose of radiation is needed. Overexposure will allow
Early detection of the ongoing subgingival disease process and treatment of the tooth that on the
At first glance, it is healthy. When seemingly healthy dentition reveals dangerous
lesions in the area of the root apex, treatment is usually carried out too late.
By neglecting a dental consultation, we not only expose ourselves to rising treatment costs but
Above all, for the loss of dentition.
In extreme cases, the disease process destroys bone to the extent that it makes it impossible to take up
root canal, prosthetic, implant treatment or even threatens to break the bone

Choose an office where a competent dentist will carry out the consultation process
Dental based on the latest guidelines and technologies! Choose the latest and precise
Techniques, instead of methods based only on visual assessment of tooth crowns! Only diagnostics
Radiography provides a complete assessment of the oral cavity.

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